Residential HVAC

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Portable AC Units

Are smaller, movable units that are designed to cool smaller spaces, such as individual rooms or offices. They are convenient and easy to move around, making them a popular choice for those who need cooling in a variety of locations.

Window AC Units

Are installed in a window or through a wall, and they are designed to cool a single room or a small area. They are an affordable and easy-to-install option for those who need cooling in a specific area.

Ductless AC Units

Mini-split systems, ideal for cooling larger areas or entire homes, are an energy-efficient option for cooling larger areas or entire homes. They are easy to install and operate, and they offer the flexibility to cool multiple rooms or zones with outdoor unit.

Smart AC Units

Are connected to a home or building's Wi-Fi network and can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or other device. They offer convenience and energy savings by allowing users to adjust temperature settings from anywhere.

Authorized Partnerships

EGY Tech is proud to be an authorized partner of Sharp, Carrier, and LG, three of the leading brands in the HVAC industry. As an authorized partner, we have direct access to their latest technologies and products, allowing us to provide our clients with the best solutions for their needs. Our team of experts undergoes regular training and certification programs from these manufacturers to ensure that we can deliver the highest level of service and expertise. With our partnerships with these industry leaders, we can guarantee that our clients receive the most reliable, efficient, and innovative products and services available in the market.