Inverter VRF SMMS-e Tropical

Toshiba VRF SMMS-e Systems are smart energy saving green – air conditioning solutions for large scale residential, light commercial and commercial applications for a wide range of environmental conditions


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Features & Compatibility

Key Feature

Inverter Mini VRF 1

DC Inverter equipped, Energy consumption reduced.

Inverter Mini VRF 2

Design concept —- Space saving, High efficiency, Flexible indoor units selection, Silent operation.

Inverter Mini VRF 3

Wide range of indoor units, design flexibility.

Inverter Mini VRF 4

Quiet operation provides luxurious comfort

Inverter Mini VRF 5

To suit the variety rooms found in houses, small shops and offices, we offer compact outdoor units and a wide range of indoor units for you

Inverter Mini VRF 6

VRF indoor and outdoor units installation as easy as residential air conditioning systems.

Inverter Mini VRF 7

Multiple indoor units combination is possible.

Inverter Mini VRF 8

A maximum total piping length of 100m offers much more flexibility in the choice of installation position for the indoor units and greatly simplifies system planning

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